Companies of today have many things in common when it comes to communicating with their customers. Beautiful homepages, cool brochures and creative presentations. Too bad so many of them miss their target and don’t catch their audience they way they suppose too.  The reason is often wrong priorities, lack of time, knowledge, and/or focus to develop tools or collaterals necessary to be actual relevant and meet customer demands (instead of your demands).

You probably have a pretty successful business today, but you know that something is missing. You look more and more like your competitors and the reasons why your customer should pick you are few or sometimes even missing. On top of that you use the same ammo as your competitors to get their attention.

pro:cx is not a silver bullet that fits all challenges.  pro:cx it is about identifying and create solutions based on the accurate KPIs of your offering. We identify the experience your customers are looking for and make everything based on that intel.

We don’t invent the wheel and we don’t do rocket science. We combine many years of experience with a curiosity what next…

  1. Deep interview with your staff and customers. Get the understanding necessary and visualize the gap.
  2. Know where you are and where you want to go (make it measurable)
  3. Identifying features that will close the gap. Example: design, tools, behaviors, collaterals and more.
  4. Execute
  5. Measure/analyze
  6. Tune
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Time to Market

Time to market is another area where we see room for improvement. Endless discussion about detailes and a never ending story how and when. By the time you are ready for action the train has left the station. Usually companies overthink the solution. Often, when you think about it the road is pretty straight and what you should do is written on your nose.

You are smart and you are the expert. Trust you instinct and run like hell. There is only one simple rule: fail fast.